Photographer: @dr3am_nyc

Photographer: @dr3am_nyc


I am constantly in search of that spark, that moment, that leads to something being created… a feeling, sudden emotion that can translate to a canvas of a screen to share.

I enjoy working with all types of mediums ranging from paper collage to oil paintings and everything in between.  My everyday routine of commuting via MTA has pushed my focus to creating more digital work.  I enjoy creating different styles and themes reflective of my mood, current events, or just a random combination of ideas.  I do not shy away from addressing social issues including race, LGBTQI and Woman’s rights. 

I am passionate about making an impact and bringing visual representation of what is going on in the world to the forefront so that it at least can spark a conversation.

I have attended both the Fashion Institute of Technology and Pratt Institute and have recently completed the New Blood Shift NYC, hosted by D&AD.

Currently I am a Freelance Creative and Creative Director of EqualityforHER. My day-to-day consists of  absorbing information & inspiration, and creating and helping to bring clients visions to life.