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Logo Creation

I can create a black and white logo to your specifications (it's also okay if you don't have an idea yet).  First round of logos will include 4-6 different images, so that you are able to see different versions. From there we can narrow down elements to find the perfect one!

Portable Network Graphics image-FEF1B67D555F-1.png
Portable Network Graphics image-DCC737FAD040-1.png

Album Cover Design

Album artwork that will lure in the fans.  Included: One album cover image, and one image for album promo.

Untitled_Artwork 7.jpg

 Cover Design/ Illustration

Let's work with your budget to visually create something compelling to pair with your writing.  If you write articles, books, blogs and more, I can be of service. 

If you have an idea that doesn't quite fit this description, please reach out and email me. 

IMG_1487 2.JPG